Weener Plastics (WP) is delighted to present its Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility report 2022. This third edition shares up-to-date insights into our goals, ambitions, initiatives, and achievements in Sustainability and CSR. The publication provides stakeholders with a clear overview of ongoing continuous improvements. Furthermore, in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), we are reporting on the progress, effectiveness, and results of our actions.

Together with our customers and value chain partners, we managed to keep growing and innovating, while also performing well on our ambitions and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets. We continued our targeted key programs to drive sustainability, reduce the use of natural resources, boost efficiency in our operations and supply chain, and enhance circularity with smart new product designs and materials. We have rolled out the ISO 14001 standard and now more than 80% of our plants have this accreditation. In addition, we expanded our supplier evaluation on ESG as part of our sustainable procurement program.

Sustainability received our continued attention, and we have increased our focus on CSR topics. With the support of an independent consultant agency specialised in ESG, we have reviewed our sustainability strategy and executed a materiality assessment. Based on the outcome, we have refined our ESG strategy and prioritised certain activities. WP is fully conscious of the essential role we play in this area and have anchored CSR and caring about sustainability into our everyday practices and core values.

Our sustainability efforts have been recognized by EcoVadis, resulting in Gold medal recognition. This excellent rating places WP in the top 1% of companies in the global Manufacture of Plastics Products industry. This evaluation is the result of WP's collaborative efforts and our global organization's shared commitment to a responsible business model.

"The increasing demand for more sustainable packaging and circularity is a powerful driver for innovative solutions," said CEO Adrian Whitfield. "To achieve this, our focus on sustainability and CSR will continue unabated and remain fully integrated in the fundamental processes and systems by which we run the company."

You can download the report here: Downloads - Weener Plastics Innovative Packaging (wppg.com)

06 Jun 2023