Plasticum launches Nutri-Line, an alternative packaging for infant nutrition

Plasticum has developed a new, proprietary packaging concept called Nutri-Line. An innovative hinged lid with integrated scoop ensures a safe and hygienic dosing of infant formulas. Nutri-Line has been designed for standard tinplate and composite cans and is available in two diameters, 99 mm and 127 mm. The lids can be customized to exploit brand identity. The line is launched in Europe in March 2014.

As a leading supplier of caps and scoops for infant nutrition, Plasticum knows exactly how to develop and manufacture a package that is adapted to the needs of end-users and, maybe even more important, to the requirements of the most highly regulated food industry. Enhanced hygiene was the key element for the development of this alternative packaging. Besides, the innovative lids and scoops of the Nutri-Line also offer a high comfort level and user convenience.

The hinged polypropylene lid has a tamper evident indicator that shows first use. The big grip provides easy opening and closing. A smart locking element keeps the lid open during usage. Levelling bridges enable an accurate dosing quantity, for both left and right-handed people. After use, the scoop can conveniently and hygienically be placed on the cover ring and the lid can be re-closed again for safe storage. The two-piece lid with multi-colour option can be further customized with an in-mould label or embossing, enhancing brand identity.

The stackable scoop is highly practical in use and applicable for a wide range of powders and densities. It has a wide handle for perfect grip and stability. Thanks to the improved cup design, the scoop has optimum pouring features and it can easily scoop the last content from the can. The venting slits enhance an accurate and controlled scooping. The scoops are available in different cup sizes.

All products are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards and in aHACCP/BRC approved factory. The Nutri-Line contributes to a safe and hygienic use of the nutritious infant formula.

19 Mar 2014