Every year TricorBraun selects one supplier to receive the Vendor of the Year award, based on its vendor performance report systems. Out of more than 70 global suppliers for plastic caps, closures and bottles, Weener Plastics (WP) US was awarded as number 1.

"This recognition is the greatest honor they can offer to any vendor. We were among some major competitors and this is a huge win for all of us," said Ryan Gladieux, President of WP in the US. In TricorBraun's words: "This award takes years of dedicated service and providing excellence in quality, but above all the TricorBraun group trusts you."

In 2013, Weener US also won the "Partner in Excellence Award – Strategic Vendor" from TricorBraun for the third time in a row. TricorBraun and Weener have together provided some of the industry's most innovative packaging projects. The Wilson team is eager to further exploit the fruitful business relationship with this valued customer.

With a production footprint of 24.757 square feet, Weener US is specialized in Injection Molding, Injection Stretch Blow Molding and assembly of customized as well as standard packaging products for the Personal Care, Food & Beverage and Home Care industries. Like all other facilities within the Weener group, the Wilson facility boasts state-of-the-art machinery and uses the latest production technologies. This enables Weener to supply cost-effective, high-quality products that meet today's market standards.

08 Dec 2015